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In the field of freight, multimodal transport is defined as the use of several means of transport to convey goods to their final destination. By using an efficient combination of rail, road, sea, and air transport we manage to provide our client optimal transit time and shipment costs, Moreover, due to our great experience in multimodal transportation – it allows us to get access to any point of the world.

As part of the Multimodal transportation, we offer our clients also solutions for deliveries of oversized and overweight cargo it allows us to find and select the best way of delivery, reducing your transportation costs.

Dry Port Systems high quality services are based on the experience, knowledge of domestic and international transportation markets, specific ports in the world, contracts with various shipping lines, road, railway and container transport companies, etc.

We can offer our clients the transportation with the combined types of transport on "Door-to-Door" terms and we are ready to find best solution for each of our client.

Pēteris Vulāns
Pēteris Vulāns

Multimodal Cargo department

Railway freight

Railway transport

Dry Port Systems offers full service of rail freight forwarding: and cargo transportation and transit by rail between Latvia and CIS in various types of rail equipment:

  • 20’, 40’ SOC and COC containers;
  • different types of closed rail wagons;
  • open top wagons;
  • rail platforms.

We also offer the documents processing necessary for rail transportation in LDZ and customs authorities as well as all the operations needed for cargo safe and secure loading in Rail equipment.

Sea freight

Sea transport

Shipping the cargo by sea, we can provide the Client with the most cost-effective cargo delivery from the most distant point in the world. We provide full range of services related to the cargo transportation by sea, which includes:

Container shipments

Cargo deliveries by using 20', 20’REF, 40', 40'High-Cube (HC), 40’REF, 45’containers, as well as pallet-wide (PW) and side-loading (curt insiders) containers; moreover, we ship oversized and overweight (“out-of-gauge”/OOG) cargoes by using special 20’ & 40’ Flat Rack (FR) and 20’ & 40’ Open Top (OT) containers. We also perform port forwarding operations.

Road freight

Road transport

We mainly focus on FCL and LCL cargo transportation with tilt trucks and container chassis, and cargo expedition by road in / to the Baltics, CIS, Europe and local deliveries in Latvia. Our long-term relationships with partners – transport fleet holders allow us to offer our clients the best possible services and costs in this field of transportation. We also have a great experience in arranging special, oversized (OOG) and overweighed cargo shipments from and to Riga.

Air freight

Air transport

As part o f the Air transport, Dry Port Systems arranges air transport in cooperation with:

  • most major airlines in the world;
  • all airlines having connection with Riga airport;

Our team, having years of experience in the air transport management, will find suitable solution for each of Your cargo.

With a worldwide network of partners, we offer door-to-door services covering more than 170 countries with over 1200 destinations.

Warehousing, Distribution and Cross Docking Services

In addition to traditional warehouse services, we offer the following services to our customers:

  • customs warehouse
  • customs terminal
  • cargo cross docking between various means of transport
  • sorting / labeling / packing of various types of goods
  • distribution and consolidation services

Continuous market research, innovative thinking and customer-oriented approach ensure our competitiveness.

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